Is Panama the Right Place to Retire?


I’ve been trying to figure out a good place to retire that’s not, well… Ohio!!  I’ve lived in Ohio for most of my life and it’s done well for me, but why live in a place that ever snows?!! The answer is simply that I have roots here… friends, family, stable job, and so on.  Pulling the trigger to move out of your comfort zone is a tough thing for most of us to do.  And the problem is that once you have kids, they start to establish their own roots, and the cycle continues. My brother made the move probably around the age of 30 and hasn’t looked back.  He moved to Florida without a new job or knowing anyone except his wife (girlfriend at the

Make Dividend Stocks a Part of Your Portfolio

Dividend Stocks

As I continue to build up some passive income to help carry me once I retire, I’m taking a second look at dividend stocks. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I think rental property can be an important part of your portfolio, but I don’t want to solely count on that for passive income. I’m not completely new to dividend stocks, but I’m definitely not the expert. I look at Jason at Dividend Mantra and I’m flabbergasted at how focused he is in this avenue.  Halfway through the 2015 year, he already has received over $3,400 in dividends! This is really impressive and it’s easy to see that he is well on his way to achieving

Happy 40th Birthday to Me!!!

Birthday Cake

Well, I’m about to hit the big FOUR-OH this month.  Happy birthday to me! 🙂  So with that, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share my goals and plans I have for the next ten years. If you’ve read my “about” page (Time to Make the Donuts), you know that my goal is to retire at (or hopefully before) the age of 50.  To some of you that might seem like a pretty good feat, and to others, it might seem like I’ll be an old man by that time. Regardless, I hope I can inspire you to reach financial freedom at the earliest age possible so you can quit the 9-5 job whenever you want.  Although I didn’t get serious enough

Why You Need Financially Smart Friends

Financially Smart Friends

I think about money and retirement a lot.  I believe it’s important that we communicate with one another to share our thoughts on money with friends.  This can help you determine if you’re on the same track as your peers or to learn ideas that can help you save or generate more money. Discussing money can help you to brainstorm financial problems that you might otherwise not have figured out on your own. So why is it that my friends don’t want to talk about money? Just to test the waters, sometimes I’ll lead a conversation with friends into the subject of money – maybe retirement accounts, rentals, or even just saving money.  It always gets squashed quickly and they move onto