It’s All About the Expenses…

It's All About the Expenses...

You’re doing your best to get yourself on the right track with your finances.  You’re working your way out of debt and have turned your eye toward reaching financial independence.  But the media wants you to focus on the money you have coming in.  I want you to focus on your expenses instead. First of all, know that your income is important – no doubt about it.  In my article The Steps to Wealth, the first thing I talk about is getting a high-paying job.  Is that the end-all and be-all in reaching financial independence?  Certainly not, but bringing in a higher salary can make the steps of the journey much easier. However, even if you do have a lot of money coming

Why Your Company Match is So Important

Company Match

For many employees, a 401(k) plan or similar defined contribution plan is the biggest retirement asset they have.  The goal is obviously to grow that investment as much as possible and a company match can help accelerate that process. I’m in a fairly lucky situation at work.  My company has a pretty unusual match.  In a nutshell, they throw in a company match of 35 cents on the dollar. Did you notice I didn’t say “… up to 6%” or anything like that? That’s because we don’t have a limit on our match.  In other words, if an employee at my company contributes the max into his/her 401(k), which is currently $18,000 (at least through 2017), they will have received an additional $6,300. $6,300 in free

Wringing Out the DRIPs in My Dividend Stocks

Wringing Out the DRIPs in My Dividend Stocks

When I started to get a little more serious about reaching financial independence a few years ago, I started dipping my toes into different ideas as I learned more about them. One of those ideas was to start investing in dividend stocks. Dividend stocks are great because you don’t usually focus as much on appreciation as you do on the regular payoffs you get from the stock.  That means passive income, which is something we all know and I love.  I look at some of the successful investors such as Jason at Dividend Mantra and see that dividend stocks can be an excellent addition to your portfolio.   DRIPs In addition to the cash flow you get from dividend stocks, many

Blogging for Money and Fun

Blogging for Money

The Route to Retire blog was born in the spring of 2015.  I had a pretty good idea of the game plan for the site, but it’s definitely continued to morph into something more as I continue on the path for financial independence.  There are a number of reasons I first started this site: Sharing my own financial knowledge Accountability Documenting my journey Learning from others Blogging for money   Sharing my own financial knowledge The biggest reason I started this site is because I enjoy talking about finances and helping others to get on the right path. I realized how many people around me really need a helping hand – maybe they don’t have a lot of money saved

With Multiple Income Streams Comes Great Power!!

With Multiple Income Streams Comes Great Power!!

I thought today we’d talk about little bit about how having multiple income streams can help to fortify your wealth as you continue your path toward financial independence. From the time I was six years old, my mom raised my brother and I as a single mom and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! 🙂 One of the things I remember as a kid was that we each had our own savings account at an old savings and loan bank.  We had the little books that they would stamp anytime we made a deposit. Although we didn’t really understand it too much, we did watch our small savings accounts continue to grow.  I’m guessing we were probably earning a good