Somehow I Got Asked Back on “What’s Up Next?”

Somehow I Got Asked Back on "What's Up Next?"Somehow I was able to get invited back on the “What’s Up Next?” podcast… who’da thunk it?!

You’d think after Doc G and Paul Thompson had me on their “What’s Up Next?” show the first time around, they would’ve learned their lesson.  Not so much!

To top it off, they invited my better half to be a part of it – maybe they were thinking that through the law of averages, Lisa could help bring me up a little more.

Well, here’s the good news – I think it went well.  It was Lisa’s first podcast appearance and it’s awesome that you get to hear her perspective on the changes in our lives as well.

Similar to the other episodes on “What’s Up Next?”, this was a panel discussion.  And in this episode, we were lucky to be joined by Amon and Christina Browning from Our Rich Journey.

If you’re not familiar with Amon and Christina, they have the popular YouTube channel, Our Rich Journey.  And when I say popular, they have 153k subscribers as I write this… that’s a lot of loyal subscribers!

Not only are they known for retiring early, but they settled down in Portugal as part of their journey.

And those are the big ties that we have to them.  As most of you know, we retired in our early ’40s and moved to Panama for our new adventure in the summer of 2019.

So this obviously made for a fun episode on “What’s Up Next?” where we were able to discuss geoarbitrage.  Stealing from a slide I created for my presentation on that topic in 2019, geoarbitrage is:

Relocating to another city, state, or country in order to take advantage of the difference in living costs to benefit financially.

Doc G and Paul Thompson had an opportunity to drill both couples on all the different aspects of our moves and asked some great questions.  We talked about everything from being able to live more freely in lower cost of living areas to the potential downsides that exist.

It was fun for us too because Lisa and I weren’t really very familiar with Portugal except to know that it was a place where many expats choose to live.  Amon and Christina gave some great insight that made us want to at least visit the country at some point.

Anyway, I hope you’ll give it a listen – I think you’ll enjoy it and learn a little more about the idea of leveraging geoarbitrage even if it’s an idea you don’t think you’d ever consider.  Plus, you’ll get to hear Lisa’s first-ever podcast – I think she did an awesome job!

Check it out here or on whichever podcast player you use…

What’s Up Next?: Exploring Geoarbitrage with Route to Retire and Our Rich Journey

What's Up Next - Geoarbitrage

Thanks for reading… and listening!!

— Jim

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2 thoughts on “Somehow I Got Asked Back on “What’s Up Next?””

  1. I’m so jealous. I love that podcast and while I’ve been on a dozen of podcasts in this space I’ve never been invited to that one! And you’ve been on there twice. I do think I’ve figured out why. I’m boring, and you are not!

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