Hey everyone – I thought this would be worthwhile since I received a lot of good feedback after publishing $1 Million Net Worth… Now What?.  I’ll update this on a monthly basis moving forward:

My intent is not to boast.  If you’re on the path to financial independence, I hope this inspires you like others have done for me (particularly Joe at Retire by 40).

I came out of college with student loans and a ton of credit card debt like a lot of you.  My job pays well, but is definitely not excessive – I’m no doctor or lawyer!  And Mrs. R2R is currently just starting to try out some things on her own so she’s not bringing in much income.  However, we’ve kept our expenses low and just continue to save and invest as much as we can.

I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes along the way, but I’ve since taken control and, as you can see, we’ve built a solid nest egg for our early retirement.

— Jim