Net Worth

Hey everyone – I thought this would be worthwhile since I received a lot of good feedback after publishing $1 Million Net Worth… Now What?.  I’ll update this on a monthly basis moving forward:

The chart is scrollable and you can hover or click on a bar to see the actual dollar amount depending on your browser.

My intent is not to boast.  If you’re on the path to financial independence, I hope this inspires you as others have done for me (particularly Joe at Retire by 40).

I came out of college with student loans and a ton of credit card debt like a lot of you.  My job paid well, but it was definitely not excessive – I wasn’t making doctor or lawyer pay by any means.  We kept our expenses low and just continued to save and invest as much as we could over the years.

I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes along the way, but I’ve since taken control and, as you can see, we’ve built a solid nest egg for our early retirement.

— Jim

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