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Hey everyone – I thought this would be worthwhile since I received a lot of good feedback after publishing $1 Million Net Worth… Now What?.  I’ll update this chart on a monthly basis moving forward:

The chart is scrollable and you can hover or click on a bar to see the actual dollar amount depending on your browser.

My intent is not to boast.  If you’re on the path to financial independence, I hope this inspires you as others have done for me (particularly Joe at Retire by 40).

I came out of college with student loans and a ton of credit card debt like a lot of you.  My job paid well, but it was definitely not excessive – I wasn’t making doctor or lawyer pay by any means.  We kept our expenses low and just continued to save and invest as much as we could over the years.

I’ve made a lot of financial mistakes along the way, but I’ve since taken control and, as you can see, we’ve built a solid nest egg for our early retirement.

Several readers have asked for a breakdown of what our portfolio looks like. I detailed our game plan for our savings and investments in a post in 2019 called The Breakdown of Our Net Worth Savings & Investments. In a post shortly thereafter called The Drawdown on Investments – Our Game Plan, I explained how we’re doing Roth IRA conversions and actually getting to our money to cover our lifestyle.

I don’t plan to write new posts on this too often unless something major changes, but in 2022, I did write Is This Down Stock Market Problematic as an Early Retiree? to explain more of how our bucket strategy helps protect us from needing to sell investments in a down market.

Hopefully, you find this information useful in understanding how we’re doing things. Just remember – I’m not a financial advisor so be sure to talk to a professional before making any money moves you may not completely understand.

On a final note, if you’re looking for a way to better understand your investments (401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, regular brokerage accounts, etc.), I highly recommend creating an account at Empower (formerly Personal Capital), It’s free, allows you to connect all your accounts, and has amazing tools that will easily show you your asset allocation, investments with high fees, and help you even plan for retirement. This is my go-to to have a handle on our portfolio.

Good luck on your path to financial freedom!

— Jim

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