Credit Card Travel Rewards

Credit Card Travel Rewards

Credit card travel rewards have been, well, pretty rewarding for us. That’s actually a pretty big understatement. They’ve easily saved us thousands and thousands of dollars and have made travel possible that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

We’re not big spenders either – we’ve just learned how the game works and now we focus on one card at a time. One of us applies for a card with a good sign-up bonus that fits what we want and then we put all our spending on it until we get the bonus… rinse and repeat.

I’ve written a lot of articles on the subject over the years that you might find helpful…

For a long time, I had a list of recommended cards that I linked to on this page, but I’m no longer doing that. There were too many stipulations and weird compliance rules that were constantly changing and it really took the fun out of things.

The good news is that I found a much better option all around…

Travel Freely

I stumbled onto Travel Freely a few years ago and quickly learned that this was exactly what I was looking for in our pursuit of credit card travel rewards!

Here’s what got me hooked:

  • It keeps track of all your credit cards, including email notifications for:
    • Due dates for bonuses
    • Due dates for annual fees (with reminders)
    • When it’s time to apply for a new card
  • It also lets you keep track of the cards your spouse/partner has, too, to help you strategize in “two-player mode.”
  • You’re not putting in any identifiable information either – just the name of the card, when you signed up for it, and when the bonus ends.
  • They’ll help you learn more about how the credit card travel rewards game works and how to strategize your choices.
  • It has a feature called CardGenie that can evaluate the cards you’ve already entered and recommend the card you should consider applying for next.
  • They have both a website and an app that you can switch between depending on what you’re more comfortable using.
  • IT’S 100% FREE!!!!

If you’re wondering about why it’s free, it’s pretty simple. They’re hoping that when you apply for a credit card you do it through their site or app. When you do, they earn a commission for the referral even though it didn’t cost you a cent. Everybody wins!!

So, yeah, this one’s tough to beat. After testing it out for a long time, I decided it was a service that I wanted to start recommending to my readers.

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The #1 Best Way To Track Credit Card Rewards

Whether you’re a newbie to credit card travel rewards or someone who’s been maximizing the rewards for years, Travel Freely is the free service you need. It’ll help you with all the steps needed in the quest for free travel!

Get started here:

I really do think you’ll love it and for free, it’s hard to go wrong!. Good luck on your path to credit card travel rewards – your jaw will drop at the potential for free and upgraded travel that you’ll be able to get!

— Jim

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