Guest Appearance on the FIRE Drill Podcast

Guest Appearance on the FIRE Drill PodcastMy year of opening up to podcast appearances continues to roll on!  Recently, I sat down with Gwen and J on the FIRE Drill podcast and we had a blast!

I met Gwen from Fiery Millennials at FinCon last year shortly after she had hit me up about some questions she had on Panama.  She had an overnight stay there on her way to the Chautauqua in Ecuador.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to J previously, but knew her from her site, Millennial Boss, regardless.

After binging on a ton of their FIRE Drill podcasts, I hit them up and somehow convinced them to let me on the show!  😉

It was great to talk to them and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it as well.

During the appearance, the three of us had a chance to dish on our rental properties.

Of course, we also talked about my plans to leave my job at the end of the year and why I gave so much notice.  Turns out Gwen did a similar thing with her former employer.

We discussed our plans to move to Panama, why we’re making this happen sooner than later, and our cautious strategy in case it doesn’t work out.

And to top it off, Gwen got some great news on her phone during our recording.  It would just be too easy to give that one away here, but hopefully, the teaser gets you to check it out.

More importantly, I got to share my big dream with them.  I might have kept it too realistic, but if it’s a possibility for John at ESI Money, why can’t a guy like me dream?!


I think the FIRE Drill podcast appearance was a success, but I’m hoping you’ll give it a listen and tell me what you think…

FIRE Drill podcast – I’m retiring early and moving my family to Panama | Route to Retire


Thanks so much for bringing me on, ladies!  Looking forward to seeing you at FinCon this year!


Thanks for reading!!

— Jim

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2 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on the FIRE Drill Podcast”

    1. Haha, I need to start hearing YOU on some of these, Mr. Tako! I have to beg to do an appearance – you could probably just be a walk-on guest to any show you want. 😉

      — Jim

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