Guest Appearance on the Retire Hoppy Podcast

Guest Appearance on the Retire Hoppy PodcastA podcast with a beer theme?!  That’s music to my ears and exactly what the guys at Retire Hoppy are aiming for!

If you’re not familiar with the Retire Hoppy site, that’s because it’s a little newer.  It’s run by Ted Carr and Roy Weinberg and is a spinoff of the Retirement Journeys blog and podcast.

This was a really fun podcast to be on.  You can’t get anymore laid back than these guys.

Ted and Roy are both retired and like to have a little fun.  And what’s more fun than talking a little finance and having some beer?!

So what did we talk about?  Good question…

  • Why early retirement is so important
  • Why Panama?  That seems to be the question everyone wants to know!
  • How will Panama work and what are the family’s thoughts on this whole idea?
  • What if things don’t work out down there?
  • What are our plans to replace our income and, more importantly, what about health benefits?

Sounds pretty good, right?  We had a good time and that was only the first segment!

Guest Appearance on the Retire Hoppy Podcast - Well Banana Bread BeerThen we got to the more unique part of the podcast!

In the second segment of the Retire Hoppy show, I got to pick a beer for us to drink together.  Mmmm…. beer!

I love beer, but I’m not an aficionado and I’m not a fan of IPAs.  So I chose a beer that I really like that’s a little different…

Wells Banana Bread beer – unique AND delicious!

Stick around for that part of the podcast to learn why I picked it and what Roy and Ted think of it.

Then hear Roy place us out with some closing music on the guitar… Retire Hoppy gives you a podcast and a concert all in one!

Anyway, this was tons of fun and I really hope you enjoy it.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Retire Hoppy – 014: Route to Retire and Wells Banana Bread Beer

Thanks for listening!!

— Jim

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