Finder Interviewed Me about the FIRE Movement!

Finder Interviewed Me about the FIRE Movement!I’m excited to share that I was just interviewed on Finder!

If you’re not familiar, runs the popular site that helps others make better life decisions.  Whether it’s finding a new credit card, buying a home, or getting health insurance.

I was actually surprised to see how many different areas Finder provides help with.  They currently have over 50 categories with comparisons and guides.  On top of it, all the information is free, which we all know is my favorite price!

Recently, they were looking for folks in the FIRE (financial independence / retire early) movement to share their stories and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

This was unique from other interviews I’ve done in the past because isn’t specifically focused on personal finance or FIRE.  Because of that, there could be a lot of newbies who may not even know that the path to FIRE can be life-changing.

I was also able to share several pieces of advice for those looking to get started on the right path financially.  But don’t be fooled, my thoughts aren’t just about saving more and spending less.  For instance, I talk about how important it is to rebalance your portfolio once or twice a year.

I briefly discuss our investment and drawdown strategies as well.  With the recent drops and question marks in the stock market, many folks are nervous.  With the way our portfolio’s structured though, a down market doesn’t scare us – we’re in great shape regardless of what the market does.

Being a part of this interview with Finder was really exciting – it gave me an opportunity to help spread the word even more.  Even if you’re not planning to retire early, aiming for financial independence can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Check out my interview here… I retired at 43 after joining the FIRE movement 


Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!!

— Jim

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