My First Podcast Appearance… DYEB!!

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My First Podcast Appearance... DYEB!! - Do You Even BlogOne of my goals for 2018 was to start opening myself up a little more and doing a podcast appearance every now and again.

It’s one thing to read what a blogger has to say, but it’s another to actually hear him or her talking.  I know that I start to feel more of a connection with some of the podcasters and guests I listen to.

The good news is that I met Pete from Do You Even Blog at FinCon this past year.  We got to talking and we discussed the possibility of me doing an appearance on his show.  We eventually lined up a date for late January to make it happen.

Since this would be my first podcast appearance, I made sure that I ordered the microphone that every podcast host seemed to be recommending… the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Microphone.

It’s a balance between quality and cost and gives you more bang for your buck.  A good microphone for less than $75 is a steal in my book!

And the good news is that the recommendations were good… I’m very pleased with this purchase.  I connected it up to my laptop with no problems and the sound quality is very good.

I also got a pop filter for less than 10 bucks.  This helps block out the pops from sounds like the letter “p” makes, which can be annoying for listeners.

I had also bought a scissor-arm boom stand for the microphone, but I wasn’t a fan of that.  I actually prefer the little tripod stand that comes with the ATR2100 mic.


DYEB – My first podcast appearance

About a month ago, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Pete for our conversation.  I was a little nervous since I’d never done this before.

However, it turned out to be for no reason.  Pete’s the most easy-going guy and this show was really just a nice, pleasant conversation.

  • We talked about the Route to Retire site and building an audience and developing trust with your readers.
  • We talked about our plans to FIRE in a couple years and move to Panama.
  • We talked about the difficulties of balancing family and blogging – or any side hustle for that matter.
  • And, of course, we talked about my impromptu Mohawk at FinCon17.

I think the podcast appearance with Pete went pretty well.  However, I’d really love for you to check it out and let me know what you think…

“The keys to traffic and trust – Jim from Route to Retire” with Pete from Do You Even Blog.


Thanks for the opportunity, Pete!  And thanks to all of you for your support!!

— Jim

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