How Do You Keep Track of Your Finances?

How Do You Keep Track of Your Finances?

I’ve said before that Quicken was a lifesaver for me and my finances all the way back in 1999.  That’s when I stumbled across the product and it helped me realize just how much of a mess of debt I was in.  I was then able to rely on the software to really come up with a game plan and eliminate all of it over the next handful of years. Obviously software can’t get you out of debt (you need to do that yourself), but it did help me see exactly where I was at with my finances and come up with some optimal plans to get rid of all the credit card debt I had. Since then, I have been a strong advocate of

Are You a Casualty of Lifestyle Inflation?

Control Your Spending

I think a lot of us have done the years of living off Ramen Noodles just trying to get by, maybe while just trying to make it though college. While in school, I ended up getting a good part-time job at Walmart, which soon became a full-time job.  This was followed by a couple of department manager positions and then an assistant manager role at a few different stores. This all happened within the frame of a couple of years and I was working between 50 and 60 hours a week while still carrying a pretty full load at school.  I didn’t get to party all the time like a lot of my friends due to lack of free time, but I

The Rental Property Investment Chase [Part 2]

Rental Property Chase

Well that was fast.  Really fast.  One of the things that Robert Kiyosaki talks a lot about in his books is that you should look at 100 properties, make offers on 10, and buy 1.  Well, I was intent on looking at a number of them (maybe not 100) until a great deal pretty much unfolded right in front of me. If you remember where we left off at in Part 1, I had a potential rental property that my financial mentor had found that was under auction but we knew needed some work.  We just needed to get inside to check it out. And check it out we did.  It needed probably about $30,000 worth of work put into it…

The All-Important Emergency Savings

Emergency Savings

If you take in any financial advice, you’re bound to hear about it.  Some disagree on when to fund it and they all seem to disagree on how much you should put into it. Either way, everyone agrees on one thing and we’ve all heard it a million times… Make sure you have an emergency savings fund! Dave Ramsey wants you to put aside three to six months for your emergency savings.  Suze Orman wants you to put aside an eight months of funds for an emergency. Ok, that sounds easy enough… but if you’re not in a good position financially, that can be easier said than done.  Regardless, my feeling is that even if you have mounds of debt, you need to