The Steps to Wealth

The Steps to Wealth

I just finished reading The Richest Man in Babylon.  I had a lot of recommendations to read this and I’ll tell you that, for as old as this book is (originally published in 1926!!), the content still holds strong.  Great book if you’re trying to find your way to wealth.  There is some very sound advice that stands the test of time, such as saving at least 10% of what you make and that you can live off your income, but you …

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Top 10 Financial Goals for 2016

Our 8 Financial Goals for 2016

This past year was an exciting one for us, albeit a little bit of a roller coaster ride.  However, we were able to pick up a new rental property, max out my 401(k) and contribute up to the match in my wife’s account.  We also added to our Roth IRAs and a little bit in my HSA, and continued to save a good deal in our online savings account. No time to rest on our laurels though – last year’s financial goals are in the …

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How Do You Keep Track of Your Finances?

I’ve said before that Quicken was a lifesaver for me and my finances all the way back in 1999.  That’s when I stumbled across the product and it helped me realize just how much of a mess of debt I was in.  I was then able to rely on the software to really come up with a game plan and eliminate all of it over the next handful of years. Obviously software can’t get you out of debt (you need to do that yourself), …

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Get Out of Debt ASAP!!!

When I was in college, I got my first credit card… and then a second one.  Over time, I started using those credit cards a little too much – grabbing the check when out with a bunch of people for dinner, buying all the stuff I “needed” (which I later realized were just wants), etc.  Boy, was I the life of the party! This, of course, got me into debt… but I’ve always been pretty organized.  So throughout my college years, …

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