Consumer Protection

My Credit Score Dropped – Should I Worry?

Should I be concerned that my credit score dropped recently? I mean, after all, your credit score helps financial institutions define your reliability in the world of finance.  It’s like your report card to see how you’re doing. A great score likely means you’ll get better rates when applying for a loan.  A bad credit score usually equates to a higher rate – if you’re able to get approved at all. I’ve always maintained a good score, even when I …

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Identity Theft – Are You Protected?

A good friend of mine at work recently said he’s struggling on his month of trying not to spend money on non-essentials.  He said he’s already had to spend $250 on a plumber and $200 to renew his identity theft protection for the year. Ok, well that makes sens— wait, WHAT?! $200 for identity theft protection?!!  Holy mackerel!!! First of all, I’ve always wanted to work the phrase “holy mackerel” into a post, so mission accomplished. Since that’s out of …

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