Business Opportunities are Everywhere!

Business Opportunities are Everywhere!

When I was younger, I used to think that a lot of the business opportunities out there weren’t for me.  Maybe they weren’t worth the effort or they would take too much money to start. As I’ve gotten older (and a little smarter), I’ve realized that’s not the case.  It’s simply a matter of just opening your eyes and then plucking out those opportunities. A number of years ago, I started playing FreeCell on my phone when I get a few minutes of time here and there.  Since most games take me under 5 minutes, it’s a perfect filler for me.  I found an awesome solitaire suite years ago and have carried my stats with me from phone to phone.

Another Reason Why Working for Yourself is a Smart Idea…

Another Reason Why Working for Yourself is a Smart Idea...

We all know that working for yourself has a lot of benefits that you can’t get from working for someone else.  The ability to better control your company’s destiny, the independence and freedom you can gain, and the flexibility in hours are just a few of the possibilities that might be gained. However, I was thinking recently about another major benefit that working for yourself can provide.  But what fun would that be to just share it outright with you? A personal anecdote would make it all the more dramatic and amusing and make it feel like you’ve learned some kind of valuable lesson in the process…   The garage sale Every year, our development has a monster garage sale.  I say monster because we have

What I’ve Learned About Blogging Over the Last Two Years

What I've Learned About Blogging Over the Last Two Years

I started the Route to Retire site in May of 2015 and quickly learned that blogging is an interesting endeavor.  Like most new bloggers, for the first few months, I would just write and publish and wonder “is anyone even out there?” The analytics showed a nibble here and there, but really… nothing. It took a number of months, but eventually, the traffic started to grow.  The comments on my posts began to slowly trickle in – and that was the most exciting part. Now, a couple years into it, I have a good number of visitors coming to my site every day and I’m enjoying the discussions that I get to have with my readers (that’s you!). All in all, it’s been a great ride so far,

Cutting Expenses is Great, But Here’s the Problem…

Cutting Expenses is Great But...

In an effort to help in cutting expenses, I just changed our cell phone provider.  Here in the part of Ohio where I live, Verizon is the logical choice for a phone provider as they are the most prominent and basically lack any dead spots. I’ve been with them since the beginning – from GTE Wireless, to the transition to Alltel, to the transition to Verizon.  It just made sense.  However, although the pricing is Ok, it’s not great. Last week, I just moved us to Total Wireless.  We’re still using the Verizon backbone and their Bring Your Own Phone program meant that, in a nutshell, nothing changed for us.  The exception is we went from sharing 3 GB of data to sharing 8 GB. Isn’t

Blogging for Money and Fun

Blogging for Money

The Route to Retire blog was born in the spring of 2015.  I had a pretty good idea of the game plan for the site, but it’s definitely continued to morph into something more as I continue on the path for financial independence.  There are a number of reasons I first started this site: Sharing my own financial knowledge Accountability Documenting my journey Learning from others Blogging for money   Sharing my own financial knowledge The biggest reason I started this site is because I enjoy talking about finances and helping others to get on the right path. I realized how many people around me really need a helping hand – maybe they don’t have a lot of money saved

With Multiple Income Streams Comes Great Power!!

With Multiple Income Streams Comes Great Power!!

I thought today we’d talk about little bit about how having multiple income streams can help to fortify your wealth as you continue your path toward financial independence. From the time I was six years old, my mom raised my brother and I as a single mom and did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! 🙂 One of the things I remember as a kid was that we each had our own savings account at an old savings and loan bank.  We had the little books that they would stamp anytime we made a deposit. Although we didn’t really understand it too much, we did watch our small savings accounts continue to grow.  I’m guessing we were probably earning a good